OR Table Clamp & Mount

Operating Room Table Clamp & Camera/LED Mount

There is currently no universal clamp for operating tables available. There are instead many different clamps that are used to mount objects to the operating table. All of these clamps vary based on two design features: the shape of the mating part and the ability or lack of the ability to rotate with the pitch of the table. Surgeons and nurses must use a number of different types of clamps to fit different widgets which is both inefficient and costly. A universal design for these clamps would increase efficiency in the OR and cut down on hospital overhead. This universal clamp, made of stainless steel, is sturdier and hardier than others on the market and can be autoclaved for easy and quick decontamination. The clamp is easy to use with a universal design. It requires little time, only a few moves to mount, and uses simple, intuitive fasteners. The clamp can mate with any OR table rail as well as any shaped device or widget. Unlike comparable clamps, this clamp can accommodate pitch of the operating table, therefore maintaining the orientation of the mating device regardless of the change in the table's pitch.

Techids: 13021 & 13077