Reinventing Tech Transfer

Due to economic and political pressures, University technology transfer is being scrutinized nationwide, and we want to ensure that Emory is consistently viewed as one of the best programs in the country. To this end we have embarked on a multi-phase initiative to reinvent technology management at Emory. The purpose of this initiative is to identify new and better ways to manage technology with the goal of achieving a greater impact.

Phase I

Phase I began with site visits of technology transfer offices in other universities. From these visits, we were able to determine best practices in a number of areas. Next we revolutionized our intellectual property protection strategy by creating the Emory Patent Group. Only a handful of offices have attempted any form of an in-house patent department, and to date Emory’s has exceeded expectations.

Phase II

During this phase we developed five initiatives:

  • Consistent Case Management Initiative (CCM)
  • Moving to Market Initiative (MMI)
  • Beyond the Bench Initiative (BBI)
  • Informing Investigators Initiative (I3)
  • Emory Device Initiative (EDI)

Phase III

For each initiative, implementation strategies were identified. In some cases pilot programs were successful and permanently implemented. In other cases new tactics were identified. In the next fiscal year we will be focusing on two key areas.

  • Crafting an "Educational Master Plan" for faculty, staff, and students relatedto technology transfer.
  • Creating a “Business Mentoring Advisory Board” that includes members of the business community, entrepreneurs, and consultants who are willing to serve as advisors for faculty start-up projects.

Take a look at our presentation below on this initiative. You can also follow the latest information on what's new in OTT ReTechTran section of our blog site.