Marketing Program

The marketing of individual technologies is playing an increasingly critical role in moving technology from the bench to the bedside. OTT has initiated a multipronged approach to increase our reach within the biotech and life sciences communities. New communication channels have been opened up, expanding into the social media realm; a new technology marketing program has been added, managed by a dedicated marketing associate; the office has tripled the number of venture capital and company visits; and a new conference strategy has been implemented, sending our staff members out to the leading industry conferences with the intent of making connections and building the reputation of Emory as a preferred partner with which to work.

  • Tech Brief
  • Catalogs & Bundles
  • Campaigns
  • Videos
  • Featured Innovations

Web Based

  • OTT Website
  • Tech Exchanges
  • Social Media


  • Special Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Meetings
Spreads word of their innovation through publications and presentations
Licensing Associates
Targeted marketing – small number of well-vetted contacts; Breakfast Club, trade shows and meetings
Marketing Associate
Shotgun marketing – large number of general targets; Creates and launches marketing campaigns; Administers social media presence and technology exchanges
General market research; Tech brief writing
Executive Director & Directors
Promotes technologies at trade shows, meetings and with VCs